Treviso - Italia

Delineo, derives from the latin word meaning “the one who designs”.
Delineodesign is the pseudonym I use for my projects.
My name is Giampaolo Allocco and I grew up in Italy between Turin and Treviso.

In 1996 I fell in love with design while I was reading MODO magazine.
Since then, every day of my life is a journey towards design.
What follows is a biography of a life lived back to front: mine.

After my industrial high school diploma I worked in the sport system industry.
I built up my self-confidence, I met extraordinary men, exceptional athletes and intelligent managers.
I paid my dues and gained experience in product development, engineering, marketing and strategy consulting.
I lived and absorbed all the ingenuous and creative energy of the industrial system.
I learnt to seize the challenges and take responsibility.

At twenty-five I gave up everything to follow my only true dream: design.
The apex of my preparatory experiences was reached at the end of my Master in Industrial Design” at the “Scuola Italiana Design” in Padova with Architect Bruno Scagliola (14 years at the Ettore Sottsass Associates studio) and Prof. Ottorino Piccinato

For some years I created and completed projects in Italy and abroad as a freelance in the fields of snowboard, formula one, ski boots and bike.

Today, I am supported by a creative team with a great personality, working in synergy with customers to achieve the same goals.
My wish is that the result of each project may be recognisable and essential like a simple gesture of the hand. I follow the leading tread I always followed, I rely on research and look for the same emotions which have guided me this far.

I want to keep the distances from the stylish drift of authors or products living in the ephemeral time of a season which no longer exists.
I prefer to plan the future with intelligence, coherence and enthusiasm.
I am fascinated by people who have real objectives yet love to dream, by those who have a vision and want to engage in it with me, by people who look for challenges and strive to win them.
I love design!