Modesign: from farm to fork and "Finestre di design"

02/10/2013 - 05/10/2013
Creativity, design and food, these are the protagonists of the series of conferences held in Treviso, in the years become a real hub of creativity. The University IUAV of Venice you know and know other operators in the sector with the project MODESIGN Made in Iuav, now a fixture in recent years, scheduled for October 2nd to 5th. Collateral and somehow flagship event is the set of debates on food, they see alternation distinguished guests in what looks like an advance of the next Expo in Milan.

FINESTRE DI DESIGN ... Oven Casellato, Via Diaz 36 "the window of Francesco Favaretto in which will be exhibited:-Radius tea table, chair ESTEL-More, Gaber-Xxl armchair, Nero3 Trepai-lam.